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About Emma

I help intermediate+ level English (ESL/EFL) learners become more confident about their pronunciation and listening skills.

• Originally from York, UK.
• BA Honours English Language and Linguistics
• MSc Education: TESOL
• Cambridge CELTA Qualified Teacher
• 13 Years’ Teaching Experience

IMPORTANT: I teach using just one of many accents in the world. Please only learn it if you like it and if you are interested in learning it. I do not believe there is one “correct” accent or manner of pronunciation and I fully encourage EFL/ESL learners to expose themselves to as many varieties of English around the world to become accustomed to the beautiful variations of this world language. I focus mostly on teaching “Modern RP” and “RP”, however, you will hear a lovely little Yorkshire twang to my accent from time to time as I am originally from York, England. Besides Modern RP and RP, I also teach aspects of other accents from the UK too, to help enrich your English.