English Classes

Private English Classes Online

What Do I Teach?
  • Pronunciation and Accent Reduction.
  • General English (focusing on all skills, such as reading, writing, listening, speaking, grammar, and vocabulary).
  • Cambridge FCE and CAE Exam Preparation.
  • IELTS Academic Preparation.
How Do I Teach?

I believe that language should be taught and practised through using and speaking the language. So be prepared to do a LOT of speaking in your lessons. I despise textbooks and seldom use them. Most of the materials I use are videos, songs, images, short articles, or materials which are specifically designed for pronunciation practice.

With pronunciation classes, we may use some sections from some fantastic and highly recommended textbooks, but the majority of materials are created by me and all the lessons are fully tailored towards you, your level, and your needs.

Individual Classes

£25 per hour

Group Classes

Two students: £20 each
Three students: £15 each
I always enjoy Emma's classes. She also takes the time to correct homework outside the lessons. I love that she also designs her own lessons and they're always fun and engaging.
From Spain
Emma not only helped me with my English, but she helped me achieve my dream job here in the UK as an Engineer. She even helped me with the application and interview process!
From Spain
I loved Emma's classes so much that when I returned to Italy I decided to continue with our classes via Skype! She's seriously the best teacher I've ever had.
From Italy
Frequently Asked Questions

I use Paypal to accept payments. If you are in the UK, you can also pay by direct bank transfer.

They’re typically 1 hour, but you can also do classes for 30 minutes. I don’t teach for any longer than 1 hour.

I use Skype or Zoom. However, I will be moving completely to Zoom in 2020.

Nope, you can book your classes when you like. I understand that your work/life schedule may change each week, so I try to be as flexible as possible. You will have access to my Calendly link, and you can book your classes when you know you’re available.

I have a cancellation policy. Just notify me that you need to cancel your lesson before 8pm UK time the day before your class, and you won’t be charged. If you cancel after 8pm UK time the day before your class or you cancel on the day of your class, then you will still be charged for this lesson because I have no time to replace it and the time is lost.

Yes! If you pay for 10 classes, then you will receive 10% off. You must take these ten classes within a 4 month period, otherwise they will be lost.

I would love it, but sadly, I have bills, rent, and food to pay for. If you’re looking for free English classes then please check out my YouTube channel, Instagram, Facebook, or Twitter pages. I post new content every single day for you FOR FREE!

In the past, people sadly took advantage of my free trials. So, instead I offer students a 15 minute assessment for free. This is to we can meet one another, chat about the classes, and I can assess your level and have a better idea about what to plan for your lessons.

I’m available 9am to 8.30pm UK time from Monday to Friday. I don’t teach at the weekend… I need to relax. 🙂

Yes! I give homework (writing or speaking homework) so you can continue practising your English outside the lessons. Unlike many other teachers, I check your homework outside the lesson so we don’t waste any vital lesson time together.

None! I have my own materials and lesson plans which are WAY more interesting than textbooks. However, for pronunciation I use sections from English Pronunciation in Use.

All materials are provided in the classes so you don’t need to buy any additional resources.

Alongside teaching pronunciation, I also teach General English (which is perfect for improving all areas of your English), along with Cambridge FCE and CAE exams. I also prepare students for the IELTS Academic exams (not the IELTS General).