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You’ve spent literal YEARS learning English! 😳

You’ve learnt the grammar, you understand nearly everything people say and you know so many words. But pronouncing them? 😱… AGHH! No one’s ever really taught you how.

Stop watching random YouTube videos or taking general English classes that don’t really focus on pronunciation.

It’s time to work with a teacher who can explain what you actually need to express yourself as clearly as you can on paper.


I’m Emma — the British pronunciation expert who makes speaking fun, easy and accessible.

My mission is simple: I turn all the complex pronunciation theory I know into practical exercises that take you on a structured path to perfecting your speaking.

I HATE vague advice, outdated information and lessons that bore you to sleep. 😴 That’s why everything you’ll find here is clear, useful and relevant… so you can now enjoy having real-world conversations, instead of dreading them.

British English pronunciation courses, resources and more!

Emma’s Pronunciation Hub 

This is THE monthly membership for people who want to get proper pronunciation training.

Finally get the guidance you need to improve your English speaking skills and feel fully confident people will understand you.

“I am living in the UK, constantly talking to native speakers and after just 30 days my co-workers and friends have been understanding me a lot better.


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